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  • Non-Profit Specialization
  • Higher Standard of Internal Control
  • Lower Cost
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Confidentiality and Dependability
  • Professional Accounting Staff
  • Data and Personnel Backup Systems
  • Up-To-Date Tax Regulations
  • Knowledge & Expertise of Non-Profits
  • Greater Efficiencies
There are many benefits to working with Anick & Associates; one of Wisconsin's first accounting firms to specialize exclusively in non-profit agencies. Foremost is the fact that founder Jack Anick is an industry expert, having studied the financial and management structures of non-profits for nearly three decades. Jack demands high standards of integrity, reliability and internal control from his professional staff. We create significant operating efficiencies in order to substantially lower costs. Our excellent Account Executives are matched with clients based on skills and expertise and offer only the highest level of client service.