Fund Development

Fund Development

Donor Management
& Acknowledgement

Your most valuable assets are your donors, who change your mission from a vision to a reality. Anick & Associates’ goal is to handle the back-office work to let you concentrate on contacting and meeting with your benefactors.

Our Benefits

  • More cost-effective compared to staff time
  • Quality assurance in deposits and data
  • Higher standards of internal control
  • End-of-year donor tax statements
  • Setup of online portals for donations
  • Processing of credit card and electronic donations
  • Help answer questions on the benefits of different fund development software packages

Value Added

  • Time for cultivation of new donors
  • Expertise in multiple donor databases
  • Specialized donor and trend reports
  • Safe, secure, and worry-free
  • Recommend best practices
  • Over 10 years of experience

High Touch Solutions

  • Focus on donors versus processing
  • All forms of donations processed
  • Timely deposits
  • Personalized thank-you letters

Contact Us

11933 W. Burleigh St., Wauwatosa, WI 53222
  • Phone: 414-774-0300
  • Fax: 414-774-0784