Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Guiding You to Success
Step by Step

Negotiating and structuring a strategic alliance can be an intimidating process, and no two mergers are the same. Anick & Associates works with non-profits to help them increase the effectiveness of their missions by strategically aligning themselves with other organizations.

We will provide the agenda for the merger discussions, starting out by asking the difficult questions:

  • Am I a good candidate for a merger?
  • Do the advantages of combining outweigh the advantages of operating separately?
  • Why are we talking about an alliance now?
  • Are there risks we should be aware of?
  • Who will be on the board?
  • How do we start the process?
  • Who do we partner with?
  • What are the steps involved in a strategic alliance?
  • Can I get out of a merger after a year if I’m not happy with it?

From there, we list the items each organization needs to consider and answer their questions independently so they have the best information to make their decisions.

Our Services

  • Provide strategic alliance seminars
  • Due diligence and financial analysis
  • Board of director and staff training
  • Suggest possible merger candidates
  • Discuss vertical and horizontal mergers and the benefits of each
  • Design a new corporate structure

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